Lili Reinhart in The CW’s buzzy new series Riverdale—the network’s live-action take on the beloved Archie Comics series—but we can assure you it’s worth the wait. Reinhart plays Betty Cooper, arguably one of the most famous high school blondes, but don’t expect a rivalry between her and Veronica Lodge. This fresh take on the story promotes positivity in female friendships.

Independent Woman: “I think people will appreciate the fact that we’re making her [Betty] more of a modern-day human being. She’s not just falling into Archie’s arms every time he wants to be with her over Veronica.”

Solidarity of Sisterhood: “[Betty and Veronica] are the famous frenemies, but in our show, we’re focusing more on the friendship between them, because these girls’ lives don’t revolve around men and around Archie. These girls are going to be friends at the end of the day; that’s what’s important to us.”

Throwback Thursday: “The fashion definitely represents all different eras in a sense. Veronica wears very shapely, slimming clothes that would be from the ’40s, and Betty wears a lot of light, breezy fabrics. A lot of florals and cottons to go along with her personality.”

Grandma Chic: “Honestly, I’m quite modest in my clothing. It’s funny, I sent a picture to my mom a couple of months ago asking her what she thinks of my outfit and she said, ‘You know what, you’re 19, you’re young. You don’t need to dress like a grandmother all the time!’”

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